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South Western Culture and Folklore Collides with Nature, Outdoorsmanship, and Curiosity in Phil Vanderlei’s Fine Art. Connect with Phil’s Paintings, Bronze Castings, Metal Sculptures and Curated Gallery of Artifacts and Jewelry.


Original Artwork

Native American

Old Pawn

Phil and his wife, Tara, travel the west seeking out the finest Turquoise, Silver, and Old Pawn pieces they can find to bring to their audience. These pieces are vintage Native American fine jewelry, handmade by Navajo and other first nations.

Follow Phil’s Etsy shop, named Felipe Miguel, for access to his wonderfully curated pieces.

The traditional, the natural, and the curious.

About Me

Phil learned metal working and welding techniques growing up in his grandfather’s blacksmith shop in Bakersfield, CA. He began his art career working directly with the metal, welding sculptures in a variety of styles. During the late 60’s and throughout the 70’ss he was commissioned to create several large sculptures for various banks. He also designed pieces for movie sets, most notably Rod Serling’s Night Gallery series…

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Come visit the shop or find us at the Pasadena Flea Market or often showing along the Southwestern Art show circuit.

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