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Phil Vanderlei was born and raised in Bakersfield. His grandfather, Mayor of Bakersfield for several terms, was a blacksmith, and Phil learned metal working and welding techniques while working in his grandfather’s shop. Phil began his art career working directly with the metal, welding sculptures in a variety of styles. During the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s he was commissioned to create several large sculptures for various banks. He also designed pieces for movie sets, most notably Rod Serling’s series Night Gallery.

During the 80’s, in order to enhance the detail and quality of his work, Phil began sculpting in clay and wax. Nature is the inspiration for his wildlife and sea life series and he has created and produced many pieces that were sold in numerous art galleries throughout the United States. Beginning in the 90’s the sculptures have been sold extensively on cruise ships, including the Princess Cruise Lines and Carnival Cruise Lines.

For years Phil traveled throughout the southwestern United States, and a desire to capture the scenery and romance of the “Old West” took hold. He began painting in oils. His style and expertise progressed quickly and his focus turned to figural representations of Native Americans and early Hispanic peoples of the southwest. His scenes depict authentic early weaponry and associated accoutrements, using many guns, hats, holsters and clothing that he has collected for many years.

Throughout his career Phil has worked to achieve finely detailed artwork produced in the highest quality attainable.

Lifelong traveler, cultural admirer and curious learner

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South Western Culture and Folklore Collides with Nature, Outdoorsmanship, and Curiosity in Phil Vanderlei’s Fine Art. Connect with Phil’s Paintings, Bronze Castings, Metal Sculptures and Curated Gallery of Artifacts and Jewelry.

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Rod Sterling’s Night Gallery

Fifty years ago, NBC-TV premiered the bone-chilling, three-episode pilot that gave birth to the supernatural series Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. Millions of viewers were riveted to every episode—often watching through their fingers—as the uncanny events unfolded. 

Virtually all who tuned in agreed that the series’ most memorable elements were the paintings and sculptures showcased within. Chillingly introduced by the writer-host in his inimitable voice, these macabre masterpieces by Phil Vanderlei have remained the stuff of dreams and nightmares for generations.

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